Friday, September 25, 2009

Big announcement...

I have some exciting news.  Though I don't know how successful this project could be, and I alternate between being pumped for the possibilities and doubtful as to its feasibility, what I'm talking about is...

My Smash memoirs!  I intend to write a full-length book about my experiences as a competitive gamer; this would be about my induction into the scene, the crazy experiences I've had while playing Smash competitively, and how it's affected me.

I also plan to write a little about *other* games and the competitive experience in general, as sort of an introductory guide to what competitive gaming is all about.  I fully intend it to be a marketable item of interest to as many people as possible, gamers and non-gamers alike.

My main doubt is whether or not I'm the person who should be writing this, and if a more successful player should embark on this kind of journey, but I feel the urge to do it.

So the project begins today!  I still plan to update the blog with various things, but my primary focus will be on this project.  I'm still trying to think of a working title, so any suggestions are welcome :)  I'll also be posting random sections from the book on here for you guys to read.

Here is what I'm thinking: for starters, many members of the Smash community might be willing to purchase this book.  If I could communicate to a publisher a willing and receptive audience, that would increase the likelihood this could find its way into bookstores.  More people buying it = more attention for the book, which = more potential buyers.  The bigger it gets, the bigger it can get.  I have emphasis on this because my goal is to be a writer of sorts, and it's hard to make a profession out of something that makes you no money.

Most importantly, I'm passionate about this game and I love to write about it.  This project is ideal for me.

Why would it be interesting to anybody?  I intend to make it as non-technical and emotionally accessible as I can.  People would hopefully read it for the same reason they read sports memoirs: for the the ups and downs of the competitive experience.  And as far as I know, there are no books quite like this on the market.

This project has a lot of potential factors in its favor and with some savvy I should be able to overcome the cons.  So I hope with the community's support, I can turn this into something successful.

And of course, if this book somehow gets any attention at all, it can only mean good things for competitive gaming in the future.  So... yeah.  This is a big thing for me, and I hope that people will continue to pester me about it to make sure I stay on track.

Next up on the blog will be stuff about emotional control and a tournament write-up.

Peace, folks.


  1. Yeah, I'm already excited to read your book so you'd better finish it.

  2. Sounds like a cool idea

    Question though. Forward hasn't been updating his blog, but doesn't he like writing too?

  3. $20 to further someone's dreams? Of course I'm down. If you need any info about Colorado's development (lolyarite), let me know. I have too much information stored in mah brain.