Monday, August 3, 2009

Today we start climbing

This blog is about my growth as a competitive gamer. Specifically, I play Nintendo's Super Smash Brothers Melee in tournaments. I go by the name of Wobbles in the Smash community and play as the Ice Climbers.

Recently I announced to the community that I was going to retire, and that my gameplay/combo video Bipolar would be the last Smash related thing I did. That is not the case anymore :) Thanks to Genesis and the effort involved in making the video--still in production--my interest and passion has been rekindled. So the community hasn't managed to get rid of me yet.

Why start a blog? Well, for one thing, I was inspired by Sean "Forward" B, who started his own blog at Second, I intend to be a writer by profession, and the best thing any writer can do is keep in the habit of writing, no matter what he/she is writing about. Third, I like my fellow IC players, and if I keep updating here with things *I* learn, it might help them get better. Fourth, it's an ego boost. Yayhuzz.

Also, I picked the name, then found this:


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